IRP Plates Website History

As of June 6, 2016 is active and running again, with a full staff of 6 people supporting the IRP plates department.


A bit of history of

Back in 2011 (as found on way back machine)

Great Lakes Services, Inc.
IRP license plates for Indiana-based truckers

We apply for IRP Apportioned license plates for truckers based in Indiana. We also do annual plate renewals; plate transfers when you buy another truck; add states to your registration; increase weights and obtain 60-Day Temporaries. In addition, we can transfer your title and do your 2290 Highway-Use Tax. We can register you for IFTA fuel stickers and cab-card and do your quarterly fuel tax reporting. Click on the red for the list of services we provide.

As of June 2016 we may be reached at (800) 498-9820

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