IRP License Plates

IRP license plates are required by all most all trucks that haul interstate loads. Every state has almost similar requirements for commercial vehicles. You will discover that the STS staff is with you the whole way.


IRP License Plates

IRP renewal is complex because each state will stagger the months when the IRP renewal is required for that particular IRP license plates. This means you have to pay attention as to when your IRP plates expire.

Your first step will be to start the IRP Registration process with us here at Sky Transport Solutions.

Our knowledgeable staff will explain to you the  IRP definition and how it applies to you the truck owner.

IRP meaning and what this means to you as the truck owner operator.

For example IRP Indiana license plates are handled by DOR, Department of Revenue.
While IRP Ohio license plates are handled by OHCORS, Ohio Commercial Online Registration System.

When you work with Sky Transport Solutions we will get you your IRP base plate and IRP cab card fast and with all your questions answered. We belive every truck owner should know about all the requirements and regulations that pertain to them.

The IRP application process can be tough and takes time, that why truck owners should work with professionals at STS. Opening an IRP account and setting up IFTA reporting (IRP and IFTA) will be done for you. After all you should be dedicating your time to transporting freight and not filling out extra paperwork.

Did you know Sky Transport Solutions are the IRP California experts. We have gotten thousands of truck owners their IRP decals. Then we continue to support them through our IFTA fuel reporting and filing service.

Going through the IRP DMV and having to fill out the complicated IRP form and other associated IRP forms will take lots of time. Sometimes the time spent by the truck driver might mean several days of lost work, lost loads and lost money.

IRP Florida and IRP Ga are handled by Sky Transport Solutions IRP department.

IRP Guidelines

The Sky Transport Solution Vehicle Tax & Licensing department will keep your trucking company and trucks compliant with the motor carrier tax and registration requirements, state IFTA and IRP requirements. This will include your fuel tax reporting obligations. Your trucking company audit risk will be significantly reduced from our work to keep your vehicles legal and improve the accuracy and integrity of your fuel and mileage tax data. And, you’ll work with a dedicated Sky Transport Solutions department staff person who’s familiar with your organization and manages your program.

IRP insurance and IRP license

There is really no IRP insurance, but obviously the truck must be insured. This means that proof of insurance must be in place to get IRP plates and open a IFTA account.

There is no IRP license, the truck driver must have a CDL (commercial drivers license) and any required endorsements.

IRP online (  is the official website for the organization (International Registration Plan, Inc.) that oversees the IRP system. They gateher information from the member jurisdictions for fees that apply to the IRP formula. The fee schedules can be found here for all IRP member jurisdictions.

IRP plates cost?

Each jurisdiction has its own fee schedule. The staff at STS knows the current fee schedules for all member jurisdictions in the IRP, Inc. Previous and upcoming fees are used by STS staff when needed. These are also known as IRP jurisdiction fees. The answer depends on what IRP jurisdictions we are referring to.

Jurisdictions are responsible for the fee for the schedules. This means this will affect the cost of your IRP plates.

The staff at Sky Transport Solutions is current on all IRP fees that will apply to the truck owner.

IRP Registration

IRP vehicle registration will be handled by our knowledgeable staff here at Sky Transport Solutions

IRP Audit

When you work with Sky Transport Solutions you will have confidence you are compliant. Sky Transport Solutions applies the most current regulations in managing your licensing, permitting and fuel tax reporting.

STS is proactive for you. You will receive notifications of expiring license plates and permit renewals ahead of time.

For your IRP Oklahoma, IRP California and your IRP California apportioned plates requirements. the STS staff will take care of everything for you. Plus, we are always here to answer your questions and provide you the continued support you deserve.