Hello, Its time to file your 2nd quarter IFTA for April, May and June. Please provide us Miles and Gallons, you driven in each states. It is important to provide us miles as soon as possible to avoid penalties. If you have any questions, please let us know. Please write your Company name on IFTA […]

IRP Registration Dates

  Jurisdiction Regis= tration Date Regis= tration Date Other Grace P= eriod Grace = Period Time Frame Requires Continuous Registration Alabama Staggered monthly No Yes Alberta Staggered monthly No No Arizona Staggered quarterly No No Arkansas Staggered monthly No No British Columbia Staggered monthly No No California Staggered monthly No Yes Colorado Staggered monthly Yes […]


IRP Plates Website History

As of June 6, 2016 IRPplates.com is active and running again, with a full staff of 6 people supporting the IRP plates department.   A bit of history of IRPplates.com Back in 2011 (as found on way back machine) Great Lakes Services, Inc. IRP license plates for Indiana-based truckers We apply for IRP Apportioned license […]