IRP Hot Shot

Hot Shot trucks do not need IFTA license and IRP hot shot plates if they are under 26,000 pounds.

It is optional to register with IFTA if the truck owner operator wishes to do so.


What is IFTA?

If you are considering starting your own Hotshot Trucking and Carrier business it  is important that you completely understand IFTA and IRP, with emphasis if it applies to you. IFTS is an agreement among all states (except Alaska and Hawaii) and Canadian provinces (except Northwestern Territories, Nunavut and Yukon) to simplify and make easier the reporting of fuel used by motor carriers (truck owner opearto or hot shot owner) operating in more than one jurisdiction. Persons, owner operators and truckers who operate qualified motor vehicles are subject to IFTA licensing.

Hot Shot Carriers and IRP Plates

Can I register in IRP if my vehicle is less than 26,000 lbs?

Yes, the IRP Plan allows for these vehicles to be registered in IRP at the option of the registrant.

Why should I register for IFTA?

The IFTA license offers several benefits to the interstate/inter-jurisdictional motor carrier. These benefits include one license, one set of decals, one quarterly fuel tax report that reflects the net tax or refund due. In addition, your fuel tax records will generally be audited only by your base jurisdiction. These advantages result in cost and time savings for the carrier and the member jurisdictions.

What records will I need?

You must maintain records that will adequately document all of the information you provide on your quarterly fuel tax reports.

Generally, you must maintain records to document all miles you travel – including the date of your trip, route of travel, total trip miles, and miles traveled in each jurisdiction. You must also keep all receipts for fuel you buy and place into your vehicles. If you maintain a bulk fuel storage facility, you must maintain additional records.

IFTA and IRP Registration Service for Hot Shot Truckers


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