IFTA Registration

Does your truck need an IFTA permit or IFTA registration? If you’re operating interstate over 26,000 lb. GVW or any 3-axle truck, you need one. If you don’t get an IFTA permit, you’ll need to purchase a trip permit for every state or Canadian jurisdiction you travel through. That gets expensive!


Sky Transport Solutions makes it very simple to get an IFTA permit right away, we have been doing IFTA registration for years. Sky Transport Solutions issues the license and permit right from our office in minutes, not days. With 33 years in business, you can be confident that we will give you the best service and will get the job done quickly and professionally.

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The International Registration Plan (IRP) is an agreement between member jurisdictions for registering vehicles that travel in two or more jurisdictions. The member jurisdictions include all contiguous states, the District of Columbia and participating Canadian provinces. IRP/IFTA Registrations issued under this agreement are commonly referred to as “apportioned” or “prorated” registrations.

Apportioned registration is an optional method of registration that provides for registration of a fleet of vehicles that operate in two or more jurisdictions, by payment of fees to the base jurisdiction. A fleet can include one or more vehicles. The base jurisdiction is responsible for transmitting the fees owed to the affected jurisdictions. Registration fees are determined by the percentage of miles traveled in each member jurisdiction and the registered combined gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of each vehicle.

The Full Reciprocity Plan (FRP), which became effective Jan. 1, 2015, has made the Plan more efficient, more equitable and more flexible for its member jurisdictions and registrants by granting full reciprocity for all apportioned vehicles in all member IRP jurisdictions and removing from the Plan any provisions related to estimated distance. First time registrants are registered in all member jurisdictions; therefore, allowing them the opportunity to travel in any of the participating jurisdictions. However, registrants will only pay fees to those jurisdictions where distance was accrued during the fleet’s reporting period.

Sky Transport Solutions is the leading IFTA registration service serving all of the US.

Benefits of IFTA registration

With a single payment, you pay your registration fees for all the member jurisdictions you will be operating in during your registration period. The apportioned plate and cab card issued to each vehicle will be accepted as proof of registration in the member jurisdictions for which you registered. Rather than multiple plates and registration cab cards from each jurisdiction you register in, you receive only one license plate and a cab card from your base jurisdiction. You will not be required to purchase permits at the ports of entry for which you have paid registration fees. At any time, you have the ability to modify and update your registration to add or delete vehicles.

Will I now have to pay for all the Jurisdictions even if I do not travel into all the participating Jurisdictions due to the new FRP changes?

No, your fees will be calculated by the actual miles you report upon renewal.

How do I add, delete or transfer vehicles in my fleet during the registration year?

These changes can be accomplished by completing and submitting an “STS Apportioned Registration Application” to Sky Transport Solutions staff. Or you may simply call us.