IRP Plates Introduction

The International Registration Plan (IRP) is a federally encouraged program to facilitate commercial vehicle registration and operation among states and Canadian provinces. While it may be slightly complicated the staff at Sky Transport Solutions (STS – make the process easier for trukers, owner operators and truck fleets. IRP member jurisdictions collect registration fees from their ‘home based’ interstate trucking companies on behalf of each member jurisdiction in which the companies operate and must register.

What is Apportioned IRP Registration?

Apportioned Registration, under the provisions of the International Registration Plan (IRP), is an optional method of registering commercial vehicles operating interstate. The staff at STS – is here for you the tractor trailer owner operator or fleet owner all the way.

The IRP was developed by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA), to authorize commercial vehicle registration programs which recognize the unique needs of interstate vehicle operations and promote interstate commerce. The process of IRP registration is truly not that complex, however it takes a lot of time. We believe that truckers should be spending their time making money by hauling freight.

The IRP licensing agreement provides for apportioned registration fee assessment and licensing on behalf of all participating member jurisdictions. Under this agreement, carriers select a single “BASE” jurisdiction. The base jurisdiction processes the registration application, collects the fees and issues the operating paperwork and permits. The IRP department staff at STS – will assist you to establish your base jurisdiction.